Love Football. Love Ravens Scratch-Offs! 2020

Do you love football? How about more than chicken wings, diamond rings, or beach balls? These commercials were produced as apart of series of spots for the Maryland Lottery. Song/Lyrics are based on the Mojo Nixon track “I Love You More Than Football”.


“Alien”, a commercial produced for the Maryland Lottery was shot on location in Joppa, MD.  There’s a galaxy that needs saving and you are the only one who can save it. Time is of the essence and the stakes are high! 

Heed the Caw

Heed the Caw is a commercial produced for the Maryland Lottery; shot on location in Baltimore, and shows a Lottery player suddenly experiencing a dramatic transformation to his surroundings as he begins to interact with the ticket.

Character Development, Design & Animation – U.S. Mint

The U.S. Mint called on REJ to develop illustrated and three-dimensional characters and biographies to expand the Mint’s customer base and attract new collectors. The target audience for this campaign is young collectors (ages 7-12) and those who make purchasing decisions for them – parents, grandparents, and relatives. REJ was responsible for creating, developing, designing, and bringing to-life 7 dynamic characters.