Marching Tickets

Marching Tickets is a commercial produced in late 2022 for the Maryland Lottery’s annual Holiday Scratch-Offs launch. A woman returns home with the family of Holiday Scratch-Offs. All of a sudden, the Scratch-Offs spring to life to spread holiday cheer throughout her home. The tickets fly around the house stashing themselves in envelopes and stockings. … Continue reading “Marching Tickets”

Home Run Riches – Contestant of the Game

This hilarious series of :30 spots promotes the Maryland Lottery’s Fast Play “Home Run Riches” tickets.  Each spot queries a different person, asking “What if you were chosen the Home Run Riches contestant of the game?” Winner of a 2023 Silver Addy award in the Best TV Campaign category.

Love Football. Love Raven Scratch-Offs! 2021

Do you love football? How about more than Rock’n’Roll, a swimming hole or gum balls? These commercials were produced as follow-on spots to the 2020 campaign for the Maryland Lottery. Song/Lyrics are based on the Mojo Nixon track “I Love You More Than Football”.

Project “X”

Project ‘X’ is a 2D animated commercial produced for The Maryland Lottery for the launch of the new 2021 Mutliplier Scratch-Offs.  Somewhere in Maryland, Dr. X and Cashbot are working hard in their lab. It’s like nothing they have created before!

Heed the Caw

Heed the Caw is a commercial produced for the Maryland Lottery; shot on location in Baltimore, and shows a Lottery player suddenly experiencing a dramatic transformation to his surroundings as he begins to interact with the ticket.

Home Run Riches – “Signs of the Game”

“Signs of the Game” is a commercial campaign produced to promote the Home Run Riches from the Maryland Lottery and includes a series of seven spots. The coach was filmed on a green screen combined with CGI baseball stadium, on-screen text and ticket animation.

REJ Demo Reel

REJ’s demo reel is a compilation montage that demonstrates our ability to record, produce and edit high quality products from pre-production, production to post-production for government and commercial clients.

Fire Safety for Older Adults

As you age, the risk of death from fire increases significantly. This Public Service Announcement provides older adults with valuable safe smoking, safe cooking, and safe heating tips to lesson their chance of fire in the home.

Character Development, Design & Animation – U.S. Mint

The U.S. Mint called on REJ to develop illustrated and three-dimensional characters and biographies to expand the Mint’s customer base and attract new collectors. The target audience for this campaign is young collectors (ages 7-12) and those who make purchasing decisions for them – parents, grandparents, and relatives. REJ was responsible for creating, developing, designing, and bringing to-life 7 dynamic characters.

Blended Retirement System: Retirement

A new retirement system for the Dept. of Defense went into effect on January 1, 2018. This video was created to provide facts on how the legacy “high-3” and the new Blended Retirement System compare if you wait until retirement age.