Marching Tickets

Marching Tickets is a commercial produced in late 2022 for the Maryland Lottery’s annual Holiday Scratch-Offs launch. A woman returns home with the family of Holiday Scratch-Offs. All of a sudden, the Scratch-Offs spring to life to spread holiday cheer throughout her home. The tickets fly around the house stashing themselves in envelopes and stockings. … Continue reading “Marching Tickets”


This spot, designed to promote the 2022 Ravens Scratch-Off from the Maryland Lottery, features play-by-play announcers in a retro, miniature electronic football game. The entire shoot was done on a macro level with the camera really “down in on the action” of the players. Winner of a 2023 Silver Addy award.

Boy Band

Winner of a 2023 Gold Addy in the “Social Media Campaign” category and a 2023 Silver Addy in the “TV Spot” category, Show Me “Boy Band” looks like a cheesy music video from your typical boy band of the 90’s and 2000’s.


This :30 second TV commercial, designed to promote the “Family Feud” Maryland Lottery Scratch-Offs, opens on a typical family gathered in their living room. They are all intently watching the game show on TV and family members frantically shout out answers as the tension builds.

Home Run Riches – Contestant of the Game

This hilarious series of :30 spots promotes the Maryland Lottery’s Fast Play “Home Run Riches” tickets.  Each spot queries a different person, asking “What if you were chosen the Home Run Riches contestant of the game?” Winner of a 2023 Silver Addy award in the Best TV Campaign category.


“GoVAX” encourages all Marylanders to protect themselves, their families and communities by getting vaccinated against COVID-19 when they become eligible.


Oh what fun! Molly and Patrick are awoken in the middle of the night; they go to investigate. They can’t believe what they find in their living room… Make the holidays merrier with this :30 commercial produced for GKV and the Maryland Lottery.

Good Luck Charms

“Good Luck Charms” is a celebration of the diversity and vibrancy of the state and has an off-the-cuff genuineness and colorful blend of the whimsical. Warm and inviting, the spot features those who believe in chance and who embrace the magical along with the tangible. The spot is set to C.W. Stoneking’s bluesy yet upbeat … Continue reading “Good Luck Charms”

FAST PLAY “Alien Fun”

“Alien Fun” is a sequel spot that brings the galaxy saving duo back to Earth for more FAST PLAY games from the Maryland Lottery. The group brought a “bunch” of their friends to play. Spot was shot on-location in Joppa, MD.

FAST PLAY “Alien Reporter”

The Maryland Lottery is on the hunt for it’s big FAST PLAY winner, who seems to be out of this world. The spot produced during COVID takes footage from the original “Alien” spot and is a fun unique way for launching the newest FAST PLAY games.