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REJ Webcasts deliver audio, video, slides, and graphic material to both live and archived environments.  They also provide interactive Q&A sessions, audience polling and a full range of viewer statistics and reporting right to an end users computer.
“Corporations and government agencies are discovering that webcasts are powerful ways to communicate “face to face”, expand their audience and save travel and accommodation expenses. “

REJ Webcasts utilize browser-based webcasting applications that enable users to create and conduct live and on-demand webcasts with 24/7 access. Our applications, combined with an easily accessible help desk, make webcasting easy and simple!

REJ Webcasts, whether live or on-demand, allow you to target your communication to specific audiences, share documents and PowerPoint presentations and enjoy rich interaction broadcast via the Internet much like traditional television and radio broadcasts.

Current Webcast Clients Include:

  • U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

REJ Webcasts are perfect for roundtable discussions, panels, company meetings, public relations, media announcements, concerts, and any event where you want a remote audience to join in.  Our team has years of live webcasting experience.  We know the technology, workflow and best of all we make it easy for you to reach your audience.